Managed Service Solutions

We find that the most efficient practice to manage your computers and business is with Managed Service care. OUTGROVE LLC offers three, flat rate, Managed Service options.

·OUTGROVE Monitoring

·OUTGROVE Health & Wellness

·OUTGROVE All Inclusive

OUTGROVE Monitoring

We monitor your Mac Desktops, Laptops or Servers and warn of any issues related to backups, disk drives, malware & viruses, and system performance. Think of OUTGROVE Monitoring as a preventative practice to maintain your Mac Computers.

OUTGROVE Monitoring monitors:

· DISK DRIVES - We monitor when you are running low on disk space. Low disk space can happen unexpectedly and when it does, it potential to corrupt a system and cause data loss. We also monitor for disk¬†input/output (I/O) errors (a precursor to a drive¬†failure), SMART errors, boot disk selection changes, false mounts, and more.

· BACKUPS - Time Machine, external drive backups, server and cloud backups are checked and verified evry hour.

· SYSTEM PERFORMANCE - Keeping a Mac computer running at peak performance has never been easier. We'll alert you to issues effecting productivity such as kernal panics, faulty RAM, failing laptop batteries, unplanned reboots and even power-on self-tests which usually go unnoticed.

· NETWORKS - Slow network performance can be caused by poor cables, failing network hardware or your Internet service. We monitor to identify network errors as they happen and can help you narrow down the cause by alerting you when there is an excessive number of network errors.

· MALWARE & VIRUSES - No single Malware detection software can locate and eliminate all threats. OUTGROVE Proactive helps by adding an additional layer of Malware protection to your existing solution(s).

· DEMOGRAPHICS - While we're monitoring system resources, we'll keep track of other important information such as machine name, last logged in user, serial number, RAM, model number, OS & firmware versions, processors, uptime, and much more.

OUTGROVE Health & Wellness

OUTGROVE Health & Wellness is a proactive service that includes OUTGROVE Monitoring. This end to end solution proactively maintains your Mac Computers and avoids costly downtime by automaticlly managing routine maintenance, operating system updates, and updates to most software.

OUTGROVE Health & Wellness includes:

· PROACTIVE MONITORING - Offers 24/7 monitoring of your Apple Mac workstations, laptops and servers.

· PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE - Important maintenance routines run in the background when computer systems are idle. Tasks that need to be performed when the user is logged out are centrally managed to avoid interuptions and the loss of unsaved data.

· SOFTWARE UPDATE MANAGEMENT - Customized and managed software updates. We will notify you when updates are ready to be downloaded and installed. You let us know the most convenient time to execute the updates.

OUTGROVE All Inclusive

OUTGROVE All Inclusive provides everything your user base needs and manages all of your Mac Computers. Our All Inclusive service includes OUTGROVE Monitoring, OUTGROVE Health & Wellness as well as:

· OFFSITE BACKUPS - Unlimited data backup for each Mac Computer. No caps, no throttling.

· ONSITE OFFICE HOURS - Tech can never replace the value of having someone onsite to lend a hand. Office hours allow us to check in with individual users and devices, and resolve any open issues.

· USER SUPPORT - Email, telephone and remote support. Our technicians will respond to your questions and issues from wherever you are, no matter the distance.

· IT PLANNING - Installations, software migrations, and other projects frequently develop as organizations grow. Let our experience help guide you to the best solutions to meet the needs of your organization.

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